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9 am - 6 pm

10 am - 2 pm
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The Aransas County Library was initially established through the efforts of the Woman's Club of Aransas County in 1956. The first Aransas County Library was housed in a building in Fulton donated by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bracht. A community book drive brought in more than 2,000 books which were placed on bookshelves made from apple crates.

     In 1957, the Aransas County Commissioners agreed to take over administration of the library and provided a small room in the Aransas County Courthouse. By 1958, the books had been moved from Fulton and a librarian was hired. Support for the library also came through funding from various organizations and individuals.

    The Library was moved again in 1964. Today's modern facility located at 701 E. Mimosa was built in 1988 and continues to expand the services it can provide the community. The library has an automated card catalog and in 1999 added public access to the Internet.

    There is an organized Friends of the Library, which supports library activities. For more information about the Aransas County Library or the Friends of the Library call (361) 790-0153